Daily tours to Bozburun Peninsula, Dalyan, Caunos, Ephesos and Pamukale

The Bozburun Peninsula tour will start wherever you wish. First visit will be the village Selimiye. The village is near by sea and has a beautiful location. We will Stay here 30 min. Next stop is Bozburun. Bozburun has nice little harbor and some small shops. We will visit the well known boat builders (Gulets) here.

For lunch we will be in Söğüt. Söğüt is at the end of the peninsula. It is a very nice natural village on the sea side. Lunch will be at the fish restaurant where nice medzes and Turkish food are on the card.

After lunch will drive to Bayir village. We will visit the mosque and the famous old plane tree that attracts a lot visitors. Walking around the tree and making a wish will give you all you ever wanted.

Last stop is Orhaniye. This is our village we started in this morning. We will be seeing the old part of the village and visit Idris who uses herbs to produce natural healing oils.

I hope you join us and enjoy the day with us.

Sertan Dinc



We offer daily tours to the historical sites of Dalyan, Caunus, Ephesos and Pamukkale.

By request we will organize Daily Boot tours in the gulf of Hisarönü.


Sertan Dinc
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